What Type of Procasinator Are You? Take The Quiz Here

Does this sound all too familiar: Deadlines are coming up, things need to be done and you have just started a new TV series on netflx or you are taking a nap.. or even taking a quiz on what type of procrastinator you are LOL (Seriously, story of my life). However, this does not mean you are lazy. I am sure you room has never been cleaner when you have assessments due. However, procastinator can often reveal our hidden anxieties and self-destructive habits.

So take the quiz and let us know in the comments how you go and if you think it is accurate!



I got Daredevil – which is pretty spot on! What did you get? Let us know in the comments below! Was your results accurate?

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10 Great Reasons Why It Is Okay To Be Lazy

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source for quiz: parcelhero


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