The Conjuring 2 Featurette Introduces The Real Family Behind The Horror Story That Will Give You Chills


I am sure by this point most people have heard of the Conjuring and have questioned its accountability. For you that haven’t the story goes that when Janet Hodgson was 11 years old and was living in her own or anyone’s nightmare. She claimed that she had heard voices, witnessed furniture and objects move on their own, and was even possessed by an entity. Hodgon’s claims that if she had ‘to go through it again, it’s kill me’ after detailing how she ‘was used and abused’ by the haunting.

Her haunting story was the baseline and inspiration for James Wan’s the Conturing 2. But in a new featurette introduces the real family behind the Horror story, including Janet Hodgson, who now goes by the name Janet Winter, her sister, Margaret and the real Lorraine Warren. The featurette features real video and audios from the actual recording of the incident.

That just sent chills up my spins and I now have goosebumps.

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However, in terms of the accountability, Janet admitted that her and Margaret had ‘staged’ some of the elements of the haunting and video cameras caught Janet bending spoons and hanging a broom handle on the ceiling in an effort to fake ghostly activity. However, she claimed the majority was genuinely supernatural. Hmm sounds a bit like the little boy you cired wolf?

The Same is said for Ed and Lorraine Warren who were the paranormal investigators. Apparently, there is sufficient evidence and testimony from other practitioners and genuine believers to dismiss their accounts of ghostly experiences. They apparently lacked any ghost hunting skills but were good at manipulating and exploiting. This was apparent after their novel ‘The Devil  in Connecticut’ was published. The Warrens described a mental ill David Glatzel and how it required an exorcism due a demonic entanglement. However, David’s brother claimed they made up the story in order to get rich and famous. Furthermore, even the writer than worked with them on this novel stated that Ed could never keep his stories straight… Hmm…

Similarly, this hoaxing also occured when apparently the Defense lawyer came up with the famous Amityyville story. I am sure everyone has heard of the Amityyville horror story.Ronald DeFeo Jr goes bad due to the house possessing him and tires to kill everyone. However, his defenses lawyer claims “I know this book is a hoax. We created this horror story over many bottles of wine,” admitting he concocted the entire story with the ‘haunted’ family.

So what do you think? Whether these stories lack credibility or not, I know that after watching them I sleep with the lights on

Check it out the trailer  here –

The Conjuring 2 will be out in cinema June 10

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The Most Eerie Unexplained Photos To Ever Exist. To This Day, No One Has Any Answers.






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